Fun Ways to Repurpose Household Items by Adding Caster Wheels

Homeowner who love home projects that repurpose household items can often make those recycled pieces even more functional by adding caster wheels. Consider a few simple projects that any handy homeowner can manage, and which can be especially useful once you add caster wheels to the bottom.

Book seating

To add some simple seating to any room, start with a piece of thick plywood and some old books; cut the plywood to a size that you want for your seating and that will fit the books when stacked. You'll attach casters to one side of the plywood, then stack the books onto the other side of the plywood, gluing them together as you go. Offset the stack so that the spines of the books are facing different directions. Once you have a stack of books that is high enough for your seating, glue a cushion to the top. You now have a fun seating option that you can roll anywhere, and that makes good use of all those old books.

File cabinet lawn care storage

If you have an old metal filing cabinet, remove the drawers and set the cabinet down on its back, so the drawer gaps are facing up. Add caster wheels to the back, and paint the unit with a metal-safe paint. You now have a great organizer for rakes, hoes, shovels, and all those other long-handled pieces that tend to get piled up in a corner of the garage. Use heavy-duty, outdoor casters so that you can roll the unit outside with you, making lawn care much easier.

Pet bed

For an attractive pet bed that you won't mind moving from room to room, don't settle for a simple cushion alone. Use a vintage suitcase and find a cushion that fits the bottom. Add caster wheels to the underside, and you can display this unique piece in the living room during the day and then easily move it to your bedroom at night.

Kid's toy bins

To make it easier for the kids to keep their toys organized and out of sight when not in use, start with old dresser drawers. Paint them different colours or stencil each child's name to the front. Add casters to the underside of each drawer. Each child now has their own personal toy bin that they can easily slide out to the living room when it's time to play, and then roll back into the bedroom when it's time to put things away.