Two Points of Safety for the Beginner Driver

As the excitement of passing your driving test sinks in, safety may not be your number one priority. As someone new to the road it is important to consider the safety of your car. Ensuring that you know how to check your car is an essential skill that will be used throughout your life. These simple tips will act as a guideline to help you check two of the simplest areas of your vehicle, be it your own or a hired one.

Car Servicing - Leave it to the Professionals

Car servicing requirements will vary from country to country, however the main premise is to make sure the car is roadworthy. As a new driver you won't be expected to know everything about the motor or breaks for example, and so relying on a certified MOT certificate or equivalent is acceptable. What you can do though is service two easy areas of the car yourself that often get forgotten.  

Windscreen Washers

Making sure the windscreen wash is topped up with suitable wash liquid can protect against dirt build-up on the windscreen. If driving in a particularly dirty environment this is essential for increasing your vision and reducing the chance of a collision. Using the right liquid for the time of year is important too, as plain water may freeze. Buy a ready mixed or concentrated liquid and dilute it as per the instructions, and check to see whether it contains any anti-freeze. You also need to check the wiper blades for wear and tear. In rainy weather vision can be dramatically reduced, and so it's important the blades are flush against the glass and free from dirt and debris. To remove grime just run a damp towel along the rubber blade and check for any cracks, you can also check tightness of the blade arms and listen to them when turned on to make sure they aren't jittering.

Tire Tread

To check the tire tread take a two euro coin, 20 pence piece or Australian 10 cents coin and insert it into the tread. If you can see the outer lips of the coin then the tyre tread is too worn and must be replaced as soon as possible. According to Tyroola a tyre with just 1.5mm tread depth can increase a cars breaking distance by up to 38%. This number can even increase during wet weather or on dusty roads with minimal grip.