4 Ways a Car Tyre App Can Help You Keep Up With Tyre Maintenance

If you own a vehicle, then you know just how tasking car maintenance can be. There are many different things to keep up with, from engine checks to oil changes. However, many drivers forget about their tyres until they get a flat tyre. You can save significantly on tyre maintenance costs by being proactive and getting servicing when necessary.

A car tyre app is a useful way of leveraging technology to make maintenance easier. You can download such apps into your smartphone and use them to access many different tools. Think of it as keeping a diary of your tyre maintenance requirements in addition to accessing helpful resources when necessary. Here are 4 ways that car tyre apps help you keep up with maintenance.  

1. Easily locate reputable repair services

Repairing or replacing damaged tyres is essential for vehicle safety. For example, you may need to fix an under-inflated tyre or rotate your tyres to ensure proper alignment. A car tyre app helps you identify the best mechanics in town. They may collect information from local shops and connect users to the best-rated repair shop. You can also get access to timely discounts being offered for new tyre purchases, maintenance and other related services.

2. Get instant notifications of maintenance requirements

As previously mentioned, vehicle maintenance can be time-consuming. There are many different details to keep up with, and forgetting some elements of car service could result in costly repairs.

Using a car tyre app allows you to keep track of essential tasks. From rotations to inflations and even wheel realignment, you can easily access records of when the last maintenance task was carried out. Some apps also send notifications for when the next maintenance is due so you can plan accordingly.

3. Get recommendations of the best tyres to use

At some point, you will need to replace one or more of your tyres. Car tyre apps make it easier for you to locate quality tyre suppliers. They may also recommend the right treading and fit for your vehicle so you can make better purchasing decisions. And with deals such as coupons or discounts, you'll be able to save money when investing in new tyres.  

4. Keep track of your service history

Have you ever visited a mechanic with no idea of the last time your tyres were serviced? Rather than guessing or providing inaccurate dates to your mechanic, a car tyre app allows you to access previous maintenance records on demand. You can quickly find out when the last tyre rotation, wheel alignment and other related services were carried out. These accurate records will guide your mechanic in providing even better maintenance for your vehicle.

Contact a local tyre shop to learn more about maintaining your car's tyres.