Practical Tips for Maintaining Spare Tyres

Spare tyres are often tucked away in storage, and it is easy for motorists to forget them entirely. You only remember about a spare tyre when you get a flat wheel. Manufacturers often advise motorists to treat their spare tyres the same way they would the other four wheels. If you do not follow the advice, the chances are high that a spare tyre will be ineffective when you need it the most. The performance of a spare tyre depends on its condition and maintenance. This article highlights essential tips for maintaining spare tyres. Read on.

Insulate a Spare Tyre

It is quite unfortunate that most motorists store spare tyres uncovered inside their trunks. The air inside a car trunk heats as it gets hot outside, causing a spare tyre to lose pressure. It is difficult to discover deflation if you do not regularly check the spare tire. Unfortunately, you risk encountering an emergency with a malfunctioning spare tyre. Since driving on low-pressure tyres is dangerous, you might be forced to call towing services. However, if you cover a spare tyre with an insulating material, temperature fluctuations do not affect the air pressure. Thus, it guarantees you a spare tyre in excellent condition in case of an emergency.

Replace With New Tyre

It can be tempting to drive the rest of the day or distance on a spare tyre, especially if busy. Notably, a spare tyre is designed to cover a limited distance; hence, you risk damaging it if you drive further than the recommended range. Besides, although you might not immediately see the results, driving more than 70 miles on a spare tyre leads to premature wear. Consequently, you cannot rely on it a third or a fourth time. In this regard, only drive short distances on a spare tyre and replace it immediately you reach a service station. It helps maintain a spare tyre's condition as long as possible.

Check for Recalls

Tyre manufacturers initiate recalls when they discover a fault in their production process that might have led to the supply of faulty tyres. Recalls are essential because they help prevent potential accidents and fatalities that can cost a company a fortune. However, most motorists don't know manufacturers can also recall faulty spare tyres. Therefore, while it might not be obvious, checking for possible recalls is critical to spare tyre maintenance. It saves money and provides assurance when travelling.

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