How to Ensure That Your Dump Truck Tyres Provide You with Greater Value for Money

Project managers in the earthmoving industry have a tough job. They have to ensure that deadlines are met, a multitude of different regulators and paymasters are satisfied, safety is prioritised and budgets are kept. They may not have time to consider cost-saving options under such pressure and may simply sanction a purchase when consumable products need to be replaced. However, some of these "consumables" are particularly expensive and this is definitely the case when it comes to equipment tyres.

Signs That It's Time for a Brake Service

Regular brake maintenance is a vital part of keeping your car safe and running smoothly. You'll get your brakes checked as part of your routine maintenance, of course; the frequency of routine maintenance will depend on your car, but it is typically somewhere between once every six months or 10,000 km and once every year or 15,000 km. Your manual will contain the recommended service interval for your vehicle. However, there are some warning signs which could indicate that you need to get your brakes checked soon.

Signs You Need Your Car Tyres Rotated

Tyre rotation is one of the most overlooked yet extremely essential car maintenance tasks. It simply involves changing the location of the tyres in the four corners. Car tyres are of vital significance to the performance of your car and rotating them once in a while can make a huge difference to this. Besides, it is a great way for the mechanic to identify any other potential tyre problems that would result in costlier repairs later on.

Two Points of Safety for the Beginner Driver

As the excitement of passing your driving test sinks in, safety may not be your number one priority. As someone new to the road it is important to consider the safety of your car. Ensuring that you know how to check your car is an essential skill that will be used throughout your life. These simple tips will act as a guideline to help you check two of the simplest areas of your vehicle, be it your own or a hired one.

Five Tips to Avoid Premature Tyre Cracking

Like humans, tyres also start to 'wrinkle' or crack as they get older. While the process is inevitable on some level — all car tyres eventually need to be replaced, and cracking is a signature sign of ageing — there are ways to reduce premature cracking. Consider these tips. 1. Safeguard From the Sun As a general rule of thumb, if you would put sunscreen on your skin in the same situation, you may also want to give your tyres a bit of protection.